How do Instagram travel bloggers make money?

January 25, 2021 Off By Kyle Larson
How do Instagram travel bloggers make money?

For an entrepreneur and a blogger, Instagram is the most effective platform for making money. There are many ways through which you can earn money on Instagram. When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram has the highest number of users, and promoting your business or blogging page on Instagram can be extremely useful. In the beginning, when Instagram was a new platform it was relatively easy to gain followers, but now Instagram has a large audience, and gaining more followers takes a lot of effort. Instagram offers a growth SimplyGram service that helps you to gain more followers with minimum effort. There is a misconception that travel bloggers make money directly through the app that means the app is paying them for posting their content, but that is untrue. Some ways through which Instagram travel bloggers make money are mentioned below:

Sponsored Campaigns

For a travel blogger, most of the work is related to the tourism business that includes talking about different destinations, hotels, airlines, and much more. Sponsored campaigns are a way of promoting the business through a blogger which is quite similar to a celebrity endorsement. What travel companies do is collaborate with a travel blogger to promote their airline, hotel, or destination. When famous travel bloggers talk about the destination and include the details about the airlines that sponsored this trip, they get recognition, which helps them in getting more customers. There are two types of sponsorship in one sponsorship the company pays for all the expenses of the travel blogger and they tell you exactly what to post on the Instagram account and the second type of sponsorship is that the company only pays the travel blogger for the sponsorship but not for the travel expenses and bloggers are free to write their opinion of the company. Sponsored campaigns are probably the biggest way for travel bloggers to earn money.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another way through which Instagram travel bloggers make money. The travel-related companies collaborate with the travel bloggers where they pay them money to post about the company on their Instagram account. It is not necessary that travel bloggers can only promote travel-related companies they can also upload sponsored posts of other things such as watches and accessories. In simple words, companies reach out to these travel bloggers and pay them to post about their company on Instagram. The blogger sets a rate with the companies depending on their popularity. For many companies sponsorship is the easiest and fastest way of promoting their company that is why they prefer collaborating with famous Instagram bloggers to enhance their recognition.

Ambassadorship of brands

Some companies find famous Instagram influencers and bloggers and make them their brand ambassador. When a famous personality such as a blogger becomes your brand ambassador, the company or brand gets a lot of recognition, their following on social media platforms also increases, which is extremely beneficial for them. It is a win-win situation for bloggers as well as the companies because through ambassadorship the bloggers are getting more money and the company is gaining more recognition and customer.